Well, Friends,

Tomorrow morning, I ride with Kaoru into Tokyo for my final lesson of this visit. The day I leave, David Jobst arrives. I believe that he will be a new trailermate and beginning with a long visit. I wish him the best and hope to hear of his adventures.

It has only been eleven nights, ten days for me, this visit. A very short visit as it was squeezed between Kyoto and my trip to my nephew’s wedding in California. Starting this blog has an unexpected bit of fun. I hope to make a few more additions before too long. Feel free to join in.  It has been a real pleasure getting this going. In addition to the practical side, it gives us a chance to get to know a little more about our fellow trailermates. I hope that many of you contribute and enjoy it.

I have been lucky with the weather. Only a few hot days here. The rainy season has officially started and it has meant cooler days but little rain as yet. Which has suited me fine. Once again, thanks to Rachel for the tie dyed curtains. They add a bit of her joy to the place.

Ro, Ro, Ro and a bottle of sake! Kundan


Congratulations Kundan for the startup of this blog we talked about! When I get a chance, and finish unpacking (haha) I’ll start to add some pics I took of the trailer when I was there, and links for maps, things to do in area, etc. I’ll watch what you post, so we don’t have too much redundancy and repeats. Although different points of view are always good too! Say hi to Kakizakai sensei for me!! And the people at WaPlus Coffee, and of course at the gardeners next to the trailer!

Love, from Rachel back home in Southern California

Hello All,

This blog is for the use of past, present and future residents, ‘trailermates’ of the trailer in Chichibu, Japan where the students of Kakizakai-sensei reside while visiting him for intensive study. It is a well loved little place. As well as blog posting by current residents, the site will contain pages with information for those trailermates. Maps and directions. List of other mates and links that they provide. What is provided in the trailer. Suggestions on what to bring. This will be a collaborative effort. This is just the beginning. Ideas are welcome.

Cheers, Kundan